I am a Horticulture Instructor, Certified International Society of Arboriculture Arborist, Garden Writer and flower fool. In fact, my plant habit was so severe that at one point I was forced to open a nursery to support it. My nursery, Flowerplace Plant Farm, is long gone.  Now I make my living teaching 13th and 14rh grade and focus on my own personal garden just for fun. I am pictured here on my deck with my good friend, Woody.

As the lush tropical background indicates, I live and garden in the Deep South. My friend-husband Dickie (a.k.a Richard Lowery) took this photo.

Dickie and I have an intimate relationship with our 6 acre garden. Our lifestyle allows us to stay in touch with the seasons. The cooler Fall and Winter months are planting and bonfire seasons. During Spring I am filled with energy for gardening and home improvement projects. In Summer, Dickie and I enjoy deck life with our eclectic pack of dogs.

My new book Basic Gardening - A Guide For the Deep South is hot off the press. The book is a distillation of 22 years of teaching experience. Click the book name to check it out.

Now that I've finished the book I plan to spend more time working on this web site. I hope to add Gardening Tips for the Deep South in the near future. Click on the Photos link to see the latest photos of my garden,favorite plants and easy trellises,arbors and seating solutions. Check out some of my recent favorite field trips and see some photos of my plant buds.

I've recently started a gardening blog. You can visit the site by clicking on this link to Yardflower.com.